One of the more understated types of legal work, a speeding solicitor or motorist lawyer is the go-to-guy for people who have been charged with various offences as relates to driving and road traffic in general. In various societies, there have been outcries over the severity of traffic penalties being prescribed as governments or local authorities look to crack down on cases of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, underage driving, road rage and various traffic related offences. This has also led to a rise in the number of lawyers who have chosen to become specialists in this formerly ill-regarded field of legal practice.

speeding solicitor

This class of solicitors has emerged in order to defend cases that range from the everyday to the exceptional like vehicular manslaughter.Like other aspects of legal practice, there are various specialities under this unique branch of legal work.

One of the standout ones are lawyers who are known as traffic lawyers. These types of lawyers are more common in the United States of America than any other country. Traffic lawyers specialize in area of the law relating to traffic offences only such as driving with a suspended license, driving under the influence (DUI), running of traffic lights, disobeying road signs and so on.

These lawyers seek to exploit flaws in traffic-related laws to either reduce the penalties proscribed to their clients or get them out of these situations completely. In hiring a traffic lawyer, some of the key points to consider include;

  • Familiarity of lawyer with local driving laws and regulations.
  • Experience in this aspect of the law (to ensure he/she is a specialist and not just into general litigation).
  • Success rate from previous cased handled.

The term “speeding solicitor” is used more in the United Kingdom to describe lawyers who perform the same types of functions as traffic lawyers do in the United States though Britain’s speeding solicitors carry out functions that are more involved than their American counterparts.

A speeding solicitor handles ALL manner of cases relating to road travel and traffic situations and are not limited to one particular type of case or incident. They handle cases from the mundane ones like over speeding, beating a traffic light, driving with a suspended license and more to the more serious ones like vehicular manslaughter, road rage, fatalities caused by accidents and so on.

Solicitors who practice in this field are required to possess a vast knowledge of the law in areas far detached from actual traffic law. An in-depth understanding of criminal law, the penal code and other areas not related to traffic and road laws are needed to successfully navigate certain cases in this branch of litigation.
Due to the nature of some of the cases such as defending someone charged with vehicular manslaughter, a speeding solicitor is expected to be one who is constantly at odds with the authorities.

In most countries, traffic violations are the closest that some members of the public ever get to committing crimes and while punishments for these offences have become increasingly punitive and the laws governing traffic changing from what they were at a faster rate, solicitors have also had to become extra vigilant in exploiting loopholes to get reduced sentences or acquittal for their clients. The best speeding solicitors are the ones who go the extra mile in getting a “good deal” for their clients.