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Who do you contact if you have a workplace accident?

It’s your employer’s duty to make you feel secure at the work place, weather you meet an accident or you fell ill; it is their responsibility to protect you with your health when you are at office. Accident at work solicitor can be claimed during any of the aforesaid situation. If the employer fails to do so, your lawyer has right to sue him under the claim of employers liability.

The employer should report these if happens at a work place :-

  • If an employee died.
  • If there is any major injury, e.g., broken arm or leg, etc.
  • If any major accident took place; like, gas broke out or scaffolding collapsed.
  • If there is any other reason or injury due to which an employee is unable to perform his duty for continuously 3 days.
  • If he is suffering with any disease.

Though, the reporting must be done by the employer but if Accident at work solicitor can also get involved in, it gives a double check if it is reported or not.

The employer must do a risk assessment to know that what kind of safety do the employees need. Also, the health check ups must be done at proper time intervals. Their must be first aid kits and nurses available. Accident at work solicitor can ask the employee that if he was aware of all this or not. Also, the employees should take care of their health in particular.

There should be an accident record book at the work place to record all the minor and major accidents happening or happened. If the company is too small then they don’t need it. Otherwise, it should be there; it is for the betterment of employees, if they want to claim compensation or they if they require off from work. But it is as useful for an employer because he can keep a check on the accident and take proper precautions so that it won’t happen in future.

If you choose to take sick leave due to an accident or prolonged disease, your employer has all the rights to stop your salary or he can pay you the amount of your sick leaves or earned leaves but Accident at work solicitor cannot claim anything if they have a point in their employee handbook which says that employee needs to take care of him at the workplace on their own. Though, it doesn’t happen, but you must read the hand book thoroughly. Also, the employer can decide what he wants to pay you if you are not able to come to the work due to some accident happened at work.

HSE, which is Health and Safety Executive, provides a time to time opportunity to look at the current and forthcoming ordaining changes. Also the employer can check with the instructions provided for employers about health and safety of an employee and what all necessary first aid items should be available at workplace and how many first aiders should be provided.